Mission Statement

Through industry knowledge, experience, reputation, expertise, savvy, hard work, professionalism, and desire, Northstar Media will outperform, outsell and outmaneuver its competitors to maximize returns for their clients.


Company Profile

Founder Pat McDonald brings more than 20 years experience in the field of programming and advertising sales to Northstar Media.

Northstar Media identifies quality video, film and digital product and sells that product for its clients to multiple outlets in both the U.S. and international markets. Such outlets include Television, including but not limited to, broadcast and cable networks, syndication, satellite, pay-per-view and high definition television. Other outlets include in-flight entertainment, video-on-demand and home video/DVD.

Be it a one-time-only event, a quarterly special, movie or a series, the Northstar Media team has the ability to identify the best distribution channel and close the deal.

One of the key benefits to Northstar Media’s model is that we help drive our client’s home video and DVD sales through the strategic placement of product in the aforementioned channels. In many cases, we can recoup a client’s production costs before the home video/DVD hits the stores.

Through our experience, we believe…

Producers shouldn’t sell and salespeople shouldn’t produce. We sell!